Our Mission Statement

Minerva Education puts inspirational teaching at the heart of all our pupils’ learning and children at the heart of all our teaching.

Our Key Values

Our pupils will leave us having:

  • Achieved to the very best of their ability
  • Become well-rounded individuals excelling in cultural and sporting activities as well asĀ academic
  • Become considerate, independent and resilient individuals
  • Enjoyed their time in Minerva

We encourage our pupils to:


  • Through creating a culture in which attainment and hard work are valued by pupils as much as by staff and parents
  • Through delivering individual learning programmes tailored to each pupil
  • Through ensuring all teachers deliver outstanding and inspiring lessons
  • Through the use of robust assessment and progress tracking strategies and intelligent use of data
  • Through creating a strong partnership with parents founded on excellent communication and including regular, honest and informative reports.
  • Through celebration of individual and group achievement across all Minerva schools
  • Through supporting pupils to success in moving them onto the school or college that is right for them
  • Through success in public examinations

Be Well-Rounded

  • Through strong pastoral care systems that provide support, set high expectations and encourage harmonious relationships
  • Through a rich and diverse curriculum with a strong range of extra curricular activities providing opportunities for pupils to develop all their skills and talents
  • Through encouraging our pupils to tackle and relish new challenges
  • Through a learning environment that encourages our pupils to take risks without fear of failure, to test themselves against the best and learn from and build on experience
  • Through strong pupil-teacher relationships founded on mutual respect
  • Through encouraging creativity and innovation
  • Through celebrating individuality whilst setting clear and appropriate limits

Be Resilient and Independent, yet Considerate

  • Through a culture of continuous positive reinforcement so that our pupils leave us equipped with confidence and assurance for the next stage of their learning
  • By ensuring that our pupils have a realistic and pragmatic understanding of the world and appreciate the needs and challenges of others
  • By encouraging pupils to show kindness and consideration, to celebrate the achievements of themselves and others and to take pride in their own high standards of behaviour
  • By ensuring that Minerva’s values and expectations are constantly modeled in our schools to teach our pupils to challenge inappropriate and selfish behaviour
  • Through teaching firm moral principles allied to self confidence without arrogance
  • By teaching our pupils to respect themselves and others
  • By instilling in our pupils a determination to succeed alongside the ability to deal with disappointment and try again with confidence