Ivelina Miteva

  • Minerva Education Group welcomes international families and we have an excellent English as an Additional Language (EAL) system in place which supports all children with basic or limited English joining our schools.
  • EAL Co works across and within all Minerva schools to lead and coordinate the effective provision in and out of class for pupils who come from another country and speak a language other than English at home.
  • EAL Co manages a team of EAL specialist teachers who provide individual and small group EAL lessons in and out of class during school hours. The EAL specialist support is aimed at further developing of the EAL pupils’ acquisition of the English language as well as ensuring their full access to the National Curriculum.
  • EAL Co monitors the delivery of all EAL lessons which are carefully structured to develop Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English and are tailored to suit EAL pupils’ individual needs, interests, age and level of English.
  • EAL Co works collaboratively with class teachers, EAL teachers and other support staff in order to raise the attainment of all EAL pupils who might be at various stages of learning English – from complete beginners to more advanced bilingual learners.
  • EAL Co’s responsibilities include developing and enhancing the teaching practice of all staff by providing invaluable EAL specialist advice and EAL specific strategies to be used in all classrooms to support EAL pupils’ learning.
  • EAL Co establishes and maintains professional links with parents. Parents are welcome and encouraged to enquire about their child’s progress in EAL through phone calls, electronic and postal communication, meetings and reports.
  • Parents are sent EAL packs which include picture dictionaries, first words in English, useful phrases in the classroom, FAQ on Bilingualism, EAL strategies to use at home, some helpful websites and apps to practise English.

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