Hawley Place School

Hawley Place School in Camberley, Surrey, is a Nursery, Junior and Senior school offering continuity of education for boys and girls from 2-16.

Hawley Place is an idyllic independent Nursery and School, nestled in 16 acres of beautiful woodland in Camberley, Surrey. We welcome children from the age of 2 into our nursery, where they learn through play and games. Boys and girls continue through the Prep school into the senior school in Year 7 and onto GCSE at 16. Hawley Place is a family school and each and every child receives the individual attention they need to meet their true potential, be that in maths, science, art, sports, or all of the above!


In general terms, all education aims to broaden the life chances of pupils and enrich their quality of life, by helping them to become ultimately independent learners.  More specifically at Hawley Place School, we aim to:

  • Value children as individuals, responding to their needs in small teaching groups, drawing out and developing their varied talents and potential.
  • Provide a friendly, family atmosphere, conducive to learning, where courtesy, kindness and consideration for others are fostered in all pupils.
  • Offer, through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, opportunities, encouragement and guidance for pupils to pursue excellence in intellectual, physical and cultural activities, whilst also developing their spiritual and moral understanding.
  • Recognise and celebrate positive achievements.
  • Promote a genuine partnership between pupils, parents and staff, based on mutual trust, good communications and co-operation.
  • Prepare pupils for life after Hawley Place, by helping them to acquire qualifications, skills and attitudes needed to move on happily, confidently and successfully into the next stage of their education or the world of work.
  • Develop and support staff fully within the context of personal needs, school needs and national initiatives, by offering them respect, recognition and responsibilities, together with opportunities for new experiences.

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We care passionately about our pupils and their parents. We work in a genuine partnership with parents, always with the child's best interests at heart.

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